GOD DNA Part 2

Jesus said if you believe in Him, you will do greater works than He did because He goes to the father (John 12:24). I call this the "Do it generation". In most Churches we are great talkers, but terrible doers. We have more information than any generation but we are doing the least. In the Church the divorce rate is the same as in the world. In fact if you look closely you would have a hard time differentiating between the world and the Church and yet Jesus said we would exceed Him in the works of the Kingdom.

Jesus walked on water, cast out devils, spoke to the storms and they obeyed Him, multiplied a boy's lunch... And we will do greater. If we are the greater works generation, where is the proof?
Why are we not doing it? I propose it is because we have never become like Him. You have to be who He is, to do what He does and we are trying to do without being who He is. He said in my name you will cast out devils, heal the sick... In His name, what does that mean? That means to represent Him in power and authority, you have to live up to His name.

You can point at it, buke it, scream at it, but nothing will happen until you become who He is. Jesus said you will do greater works but you are as mean as the devil, have a bad attitude, cussing at the waitress, gossiping, don't tithe. You are nothing like He is but yet you want to heal sick people. You can't represent Him in power until you represent Him in name.

One of the lessons my father taught me was learning to protect your name. He would say, son if you have to choose between your name and money and fame, choose your name. He then said, you can always get more money but you can't get a new name. Jesus said if you live up to my name and have a good attitude, treat people right, live at peace with all men, love your neighbor, forgive unlimited amount of times... If you become who I am you can do what I do. No wonder we say in the name of Jesus... And we see nothing happening. The power to use His name is tied to living up to His name in your conduct. The bible tells us that the earth is groaning for the sons of God to be revealed. They are waiting for the "Do it generation" to emerge. This is the generation that will do greater things than He did.

To be continued.


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